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Voice Acting

2009-04-16 21:31:07 by cmanatlan

Things have been happening that have made me really busy, but very soon they will be cleared up, and even as I type I am available for voice acting. Don't be shy, you can PM me if you want some voices. One thing is that I do need to re-record a new voice reel since I've gotten better since then. If you still want to hear it, go to my audio submissions.

Voice Acting, yay!

2008-08-07 20:06:27 by cmanatlan

Pretty short post because my audio portal submission didn't get approved yet (no link yet...) but I'll make a new one with the link to it. But basically, I'm getting started in voice acting *crowd cheers*. But haha, if you're interested in casting me, just PM me or leave a comment. That's it, so yeah. See ya ^^